......Vallat, in the Alto Mijares.

The village who were looking for.

Vallat is in the region of Alto Mijares (Castellón), next to the bed of the river Mijares and zone of influence of the Natural Park Sierra de Espadán. It is a town that has some special orographic and climatic conditions, allowing large forest of pines and oaks. Along the river, orange camps and other irrigation.

Among these beautiful landscapes, we find the small, quiet village look even muslim: concentric narrow streets and whitewashed walls occur between the houses. The site also has some very pleasant temperatures in summer, so Vallat is an ideal place to retire from the hustle and bustle of the city and get in touch with people and nature.

The cuisine of Vallat follows the guidelines of Mediterranean mountain: entrees based on natural products, where the meats are of particular relevance. We emphasize the pot home, and game meat, especially wild boar, very abundant in the area.



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